5 pin tube tester

Does anyone know a brand of tube tester that would test a 5 pin tube? I would prefer to get by as cheap as possible. I bought a bunch of tubes and have come across some that my tester was not designed for. One tube I'm particulaly interested in testing is a 2E22. I also have 6 pin tubes that do not appear in my tube measurement guide. Such as a OD3W. Very interesting tube! I would be curious to know what it was ( can be ) used for.
A 0D3W is a 150V gas discharge regulator, it is an 8 pin, not 6 pin tube.

http://www.tubecollector.org/2e22.htm and http://www.nj7p.org/Tube1.php?tube=2E22 for info on the 2E22, a power pentode.

Can't help you on what tetster to use.

I don't know what to tell you but I am now looking at the OD3W tube. I only see - 6 pins -

thanks for the other info.
With the handle "KT88", I would think that you would want an octal tester.

Is this the tube? If so that is where the confusion lies. It is considered an octal (8 pin) tube because it fits in an 8 pin socket. It does have only 6 pins though and only 2 of those are actually used.
Yep that's my tube, except mine is a Raytheon. Looks to be band new but no way to test it. I also found some on ebay over in the UK. Sure whish I could find someone that needed one.

I was also hoping that someone that had a tube tester could look in their manual and tell me if they can test such a thing. Then I would know what tube tester could be purchased. I also have some big 4 pin tubes with no name on them I'm wondering if there is a web site that expalins how to id tubes.
KT-88 my Hickock 752 will test the OD3, but really it is of little interest as it is not used in any audio gear. Very hard to id tubes, but usually they had paint on them at one time and it simply wore off. Breathe onto the tube, often your breath will show the hidden markings. I have used this tecnique and it has really been, ahem, revealing. Oh, and having Jack Daniels on your breath does not help; it just makes it more fun.
Unless they have radically changed the design, the Tube Research GT 400 still uses OD3 tubes.

I still have some spare OD3's around here from when I owned that amp.

The tube in questions was a " OD3W " Although I did notice a few OD3 in the pile as well. But these tubes are not the same. For what it's worth the OD3 is also employed in the new BottleHead pre III.
There a few amps that use a 0D3, and even though an 0D3 and a 0D3W look very different they are substitutes. The W just has that protective shock absorber shield around it. It can be tested with the same settings as the non W.

It is very difficult (impossible?) to identify a tube that has no markings. There were 10's of thousands of different tubes made so going just on looks is pretty much impossible.

Are there any marks at all?

The 0D3W is fairly common and doesn't demand a very high price so purchasing a tester just for it would probably lose you some money unles you have a lot of them.
Guys, I stand waaaay corrected. I think that I have a few floating around in my tube box if anyone is in need. Consider it penance.

Some tubes have marks but most of what is in question has nothing. These look to be of the pre amp type.

I have many large tubes thought that I can read the numbers but am not able to test on my tester. But for now I will wait until I decide if I'm going to pursue the tube quest further. I orginally bought this mess of tubes becuase of a couple that I wanted. They came very cheap. Some of these are really cool looking. To bad I can't find a use for them.
Some body sent me a e-mail expressing an interest in some of these tubes. However I misplaced the e-mail. If you want you can write me again and I will send you a list of variuos tubes.