5-Pin DIN connector on Thorens Turntable

I just purchased a Thorens TD 140C turntable over E-bay and
it came with a 5-pin DIN connector instead of a left and right RCA interconnect. Is this a big deal to change? Any
one had experience with this? Thanks!
Assuming you have 180deg 5-pin DIN connectors, the pin layout for an all DIN cables should be as follows: Female Pin1 to Male Pin3; Female Pin4 to Male Pin5; Female Pin2 to Male Pin2; Female Pin5 to Male Pin4; Female Pin3 to Male Pin1. Pin2 (always the center contact) is ground on both input and output connectors, Pin1 and Pin3 (these pins are always the outer pins) will be for the right channel input or output and Pin4 and Pin5 will be for the left channel input or output, depending on which connector end you are looking at. Good luck, regards, Richard.
one other option i didn't mention, which is what i have on my analogue setup. you can build a DIY box that'll take your tonearm leads into a junction box with xlr connectors "out." this is useful only if you have a phono with "true" balanced design (and like components downstream). again, let me know via private email if you want additional info on this alternative. -kelly
this is an easy one. all you need is a "pib." sumiko used to havem' available. it comprises a female din connector on a short braided cable that is attached to a little junction box into which you plug the male ends of rca connectors. it also has a terminal for your tt ground wire. if you can't find one readily, send me a private email and i can give you more assistance. -kelly