5 or 7 channel amp for integra dhc 9.9

I just got a integra DHC 9.9 and was wondering for a 5 or 7 channel amp in the 2K range that would work well with it.

I have the BW 684 theatre series speakers.

Let me know your recommendations.
Think about getting mono blocks, SS. The 9.9 is a great unit.
Have the 9.9 with a Bryston 9bsst ...love it!
In this pricetag Integra is the only brand ( Onkyo) which can offer you a deep and wide stage. Bryston is almost a 2 dimensional product. Primare is a very good match with Integra. You will get a deep and wide stage. One small problem, B&W is not the best in depth and 3D.
It's just home theater. How important can it be.....?

Not very I think, the thread is 4 years old.
And the 9.9 is even older. ;-)