5 meter Speaker Cable Recommendation - flexibility important

I need a set of single wire banana terminated cables for my Herron M1A amps to my Harbeth M30.1s. Because my place is so small and the speakers get moved in an out of the listening space, I need something flexible and definitely not fat so I can roll up and store easily.

Budget $750 max.

Cables I have tried that will take A LOT of abuse are from Van den Hul.

Take a look at ...
- Clearwater
- CS-122
- D-352

All are extremely flexible and have high grade insulation.

If you can attach a banana or spade with a screw driver - take a look at the Feruz products - excellent quality 

Call Klaus at Odyssey and see what he can do for you on a pair of the Quattro Reference cable made by Groneberg.  I use them in both my systems and they are very neutral and have excellent bass slam.
You can get 50' of off-white Monster XP for about $50, and some locking banana plugs off Amazon.The cable is very flexible and easily hidden.

Oh, almost forgot the mandatory audiophile description: it has excellent highs, warm silky mids, and deep, punchy bass, made a huge improvement in my system over the expensive cables. Those just didn't reach out and fondle my........soul. Must've been the twist to length ratio.

Helomech just gave you good budgeted advice! I been setting up systems for 40 years! Listen to Helomech!
dhcod I have Herron electronics and am using the Duelund 12ga wire.  It's inexpensive and sounds good.  I have had various other cables in the system over the years and this one is a keeper.  I use it bare wire on the amps and speakers.  I think it would be a good match for your system.  Others in our audio club are using it and like it better than the NOS Western Electric 16ga that has been touted on the web.  Just my two cents.   
I have Herron electronics and am using the Duelund 12ga wire
Hi Goose- so with the Duelund you use 1 strand for + and another for -?
I see now-- the answer to my question is yes.

Is the Duelund flexible enough to bundle up to a 1' circle when I'm not listening? I have a small space and have to move the speakers and wire out of the way between listening sessions.
It is very flexible and you should be able to coil it easily.  You can add spades or bananas to make the hook-up easier.