5 Emotivia UPA 1 's or 1 Parasound A Halo 52 ?

I have Salk Songtowers 5 speaker setup using a Rythmic Sub, I am debating the merits of using 5 mono block emotivia UPAS 1's, or a single Parasound Halo A52 5 channel, the salks are 6 ohms, looking for opinions on these what would be best, I am mostly music but some ht, thanks
Hi Samski,
I've been using the Emotiva XPA-5 with my HT/Stereo sys with great results, with my Salk Songtowers (I have the center and small surrounds as well) with a MFA-15 sub from AV123.
My primary source for the stereo system (2 songtowers w/o sub) is a Garrard 401 with Sutherland phono stage. An Onkyo 885 controls the HT with a Pioneer Elite Kuro FD-151 plasma panel for movies & Verizon FIOS for cable feed.
It's been great.