5 disc CD/SACD

Looking for recomendations for a currently manufactured 5 disc CD/SACD player that will allow the user to manually select between the layers of a hybrid SACD and indicate which layer is playing. High preference for models made by Denon, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, or Marantz. I am already aware of the many single disc players available and also aware that those may be sonically superior, so recomendations for single disc players will be of no value.
Sony ce596. I have one and it does what you want. Do not be scared off by its low price. I brought mine from SonyStyle and it was less then $70. I also have a es777 and some tube units and the Sony ce596 holds its own.
A friend just got the Marantz VC-6001, which I think Music Direct has on sale for like a third of it's price (around $200 or so). he has good stuff to report about it so far, but I can't vouch for it.
had put in a post this about a week ago...did not tske for some reason...
am also tkinking of that 5 dic from music direct.its an all in one player including a dvd player ...also got product of the year...any one else have any experience with this player...
Seanacape: I picked up the Marantz VC-6001 and am completely satisfied.
by chance ...just happened to google the marantz v c 6001 ...and under the first post...'any good'...there are some 30 odd post...was disappointed to learn you cannot change a c d while player is playing... no' disc skip' like i have on my phillips{which i paid 1.60 for at a salvation army out in seattle and shipped back to n.j. cause i like it so much]
the fact that some say they like the sound quility for the c d might sway me to invest...but after reading the google post...not so sure now...
Would look into a Sony or Denon. Both can be purchased at large discounts and are highly upgradeable.