5 Channel receivers with Pre outs- where are they

So my onkyo txsr705 appears to have a fried pre out board

It was a 7 channel amp, had pre outs. I run from pre outs to a B&K 7 channel.

I no longer have a 7 channel set up... down to 3 channels.
The lady would not let me transfer my 7 channel movie theater bachelor pad set up to our new living room.
stuck with front 3 channels. The sacrifices we make...

Rti 12s left and right. Also had to ditch my big cs5 center and get a timber matched in the wall center.

so that's what I'm reduced to.
Went to best buy to find new receiver with pre outs. Figured a 5 channel would work fine... problem is, they don't have any with pre outs. 7 channels starting at 800 had pre outs.

up to trying whatever is best on the wallet. Nothing low cost has pre outs. Kind of disappointing. Seems you are paying for a lot of watts that aren't being used since I'm on B&K amp.

I'd like latest digital decoding as I do have PS3 for blu ray or HD content on TV is mostly what I spend time watching.

Suggestions please. Lowest cost receivers with HDMI ins and Pre outs.
Check out the Harman Kardon stuff. They have relatively inexpensive receivers that should work for you. They even sell refurbs directly.

How about a used pre-processor?
accessories4less has good prices on factory refurb onkyo/denon avrs with preouts--saw a couple in the $499 range which should work for you.
Emotiva sell their UMC-1 Preprocessor for $499 with a 5-year warranty. If you have a separate amp, this might be a good way to go...

Rw. Thanks. I think I like the look the price and warranty on the emotiva
Thanks to everyone for suggestions.
i'm conflicted...
I'm going to use external amp so not worried about the watts on each amp. If i'm going to get a new receiver how much should 4k video capability play into it... probably 2 years away from content and most TVs capable and I just bought a new TV.

marantz sr5007 (has 4k video) amazon $850
harmon kardon 3650 $999 new or used $550, or HK3600 $530(both hdmi 1.4)
can't tell do any of these new HKs handle 4k?
The 3650 says deep color, the 3600 does not.
emotiva UMC1(hdmi 1.3)assume it does not handle 4k
Buy used. Lots of chices for 5 channel. Make sure they have HDMI if that is important to you.
Buy an Onkyo Pre pro. Really reliable, cheap used market. Go to a SC-885. Has everything you need. No 4K though. $500-600 used.

Regards Bacardi