5 Channel Power Amp Recommendtions

I've got the upgrade bug and thinking about selling my Butler 5150 and replacing it with a Parasound A51. Looking for other recommendations. My goal is to improve my 2 channel sound. I'm stuck with a home theater two channel combo.

Equipment: HT
Anthem AVM30
Butler 5150
fronts - Revel F50A
back - NHT Super Ones
Center & Sub - Proac

2 channel
Modwright SWL 9.0
CD - Modwright (sony) NS999ES
Butler 5150
Revel - F50A
Cables - JPS Superconductor

Music - rock, blues some jazz
like piano, sax, female vocals
have you considered NOT using a 5 channel amp? I run mono blocks on my front channels, and a stereo amp on my rears.

It's the best way to optimize your 2 channel music performance.
Thanks for the suggestion. I just don't have the space to handle more than one amp.

If you are going with one amp, I highly recommend the Anthem Statement A5 or even better, their Statement P5. Great value, quality power to spare, and surprisingly musical for a HT amp.