5 Channel Amp with Meridian and B&W

I am looking to upgrade my 5 channel amp from a Rotel 1075. I use a meridian 561 and B&W Signature 805s. The system is great but the meridian and B&W combo may be a bid bright. I've looked at Krell kav 500s. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I strongly suggest you look at the Cary Cinema 5. The Absolute Sound's multi-channel amp of the year award. Cary is known for tubes and they carry that warm, analog sound into the Cinema 5 which is a solid state amp. However, the warmth does not obscure the transparency or dynamics. Plus, B&W's love power and the Sig 805 will appreciate the 200W (Class AB)x 5. Actually, the true power rating is about 225 but Cary rates their amps conservatively. I use the Cinema 5 with B&W 803's and they make them sing!

Read the review on Cary's website as well as the comments on this site regarding this amp. Good luck!

Also consider the HPA-series Proceed amps. They're rated 250wpc/8 and 500/4 and were built in 2- and 3-channel versions and have rCA and balanced inputs. They were discontinuted last year so are highly affordable. A friend is using an HPA-3 to drive a pair of Nautilas 802s and the B&W $2K center-channel speaker and just loves the sound.
Get the Cary Cinema5. I have one and it is awesome.
How about a multichannel McIntosh like the 7106? How would it blend?
I guess my options would be the Proceed amp 5, Cary 5, Bryston 9bst, or McIntosh 7106. I like the bryston warranty and the McIntosh build. I have some worry about the Proceed not being produced anymore, but know it's a great unit.