5 channel amp under 1500.00

Hello, my system is used 50/50 music/ ht. I have B&W 7nt, DM560 and Def Tech sup cube I. Marantz 7200 reciever. Looking to start towards seperates. Thinking of Rotel, ATI, Sunfire 5 ch amps 200watts. Would love any help/ opinions on this subject to lead me in right direction. Looking to make right decission once. Thankyou in advance for any and all help! Pat
How about sherbourn - 5 200w/ch monoblocks in a single chasis. Keep your eyes open for one here; they usually go for $1000-1200.

Good luck,
Add Adcom to your list as well. You may also be able to find a used Theta Intrepid, which although it is rated at 100wpc, it can drive speakers much better than its rating would suggest.