5 Channel Amp for under $2k?

I've been slowly assembling a new system after inheriting some older equipment, which reinspired my interest in audio gear. I've put together a few nice pieces (Aragon Soundstage Pre-Pro, Joseph Audio RM7Si speakers, Denon 2900) but I think my weak link is my 'inherited' amps (Carver & Hafler... each 10+ years old).

I listen to a lot of music (both two channel and newer 5.1 mixes), but we also watch a lot of movies (thanks to NetFlix).

I'm looking for a good 5 channel amp (or combo of other amps) for under $2k. I've investigated the used market for Krell KAV 500, Sunfire Cinema Grand Sig, Parasound Halo A52, and EarthQuake Cinenova.

Since I live in HI, auditioning these isn't very feasible so I'm hoping to get some strong recommendations before venturing into the 'used' market, or if there are new products that would rival these ... I'm all ears!

Uccprince -

You listed one of my favorite 5 channel amps for all purpose, theater and 2 channel, the Cinenova. If you can lift it, give 'er a try, phenomenal. The Interga Reseach RDA-7 is one of my favorite multi channel amps, covers all spectrums as well, B.A.T. designed, Onkyo built. Great, powerful, dynamic, and is a 7 channel THX certified amp!
The Proceed AMP5 is very nice for $2,000 preowed as well.


Don't forget the Golden Theater. The GTX & GTA I bought off of you a couple of years ago still work great!

I just picked up a ATI 2505 from onecall.com for $1400 clearanced some places are still selling it for $2798 so its a steal, brand new with 7 year warrenty parts and labor.
EAD Powermaster 1000.
The Aragon 8008x5 would be a good match for the Soundstage, but so would many of the other amps mentioned already.
Anthem MCA-50. 225x5 Wt./channel. $2000 list price, and of course less used (if you can find one, I don't see many of them offered on A-gon). Very well built, excellent sounding, very neutral amp. Some reviewers had compared it with Bryston gear in terms of neutraliy and overall sound signature and quality. Regards.
Anybody have experience with Odyssey Designs Stratos products? I've been reading rave reviews, and spoke to Klaus who definitely does a good job of selling the craftmanship that goes into these.

Since they offer a trial basis (something harder to find here in HI) was considering giving this a try.

Hopefully somebody has heard these.

Thanks again.
How about Rotel? The 1095 is an awesome HT amp, although it is far too revealing in the upper octave for my taste. With the right system this amp would rock.
Parasound HCA 1206. Six channels. 135 watts/channel at 8 ohms, 200/4 ohms....four channels can be bridged and then you have two channels making 350 watts into 8 ohms. THX approved. Output controls (on the rear) for each of the six channels. Reliable. Good sounding for what it is.

used about 700 to 850 dependind on condition..was 2000 in the late 90s....designed by John Curl

Cannot be beat...more than enough power for all but the most demanding speakers and briding capabilities. It IS a little heavy, though...but it has handles on the front and back!

Used Pass five channel is close to the 2000 budget but a little over it; wonderful amp. The Parasound is such a deal, though.....