5-channel amp for Revel F30s, C30, and M20's

What 5 channel amp matches well with the Revel Speakers. Right now I have the Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Series I. It has lots of power, but I looking for a little bit more refinement.
You have several choices. The sunfire is actually pretty good and may want to demo before replacing. I have Revel speakers both the M20 C30 set for one app. and the Studio voice embrace for another. Proceeds Amp might be just what you want. The proceed gear is Levinson lite and not too lite. If you want more power the HPA 2 and 3 may file your bill. Conrad Johnson makes a fabulous 5 channel amp that I have used with the M20 c30 stuff and it is really melodic. Very tubelike for solid state. Pass makes a great 5 channel as well with pretty good power. Rotel and others. Look around and take your pick. You might buy try and resell here if you don't like a combo.
Hello Xavierzx11,

I've owned the M-20's and found the entire Revel line that you own to be a very difficult load to drive. I would agree with Ksales about the Proceed HPA-2 & '3 or the Bryston high-powered 2 & 3 ch amps. I would consider nothing under 200 wpc and preferably a high current amp. I had a Krell KAV-500 with my M-20s and the amp just could not handle the speakers at higher output levels. The soundstage would just collapsed. I moved up to the Plinius SA-250 MkIV and the amp took command. I know the Plinius may not be what you are looking for and it would be pretty hard to find a 3 ch match for it but that's what I chose. There are many excellent amps out there, you should be able to find just the amp you want, need and love. Good luck and happy hunting......John
I am using Bryston 4b pros bi amp on left and right f30s. Also using transparent reference xl cables. C30 also with bryston. Bi amping the f30s will blow your mind. Always like the f30s but now there the bomb. Also the avp helps them shine.