5 Channel Amp for MIRAGE OM Theater????

Here is my setup, OM-10's (mains) OM-C2 (center), OM-R2's (rears), Phase Technology power12 powered sub, Onkyo TXDS-838 reciever, Sony DVP-s3000 DVD player also used as cd player. Audioquest type 4 speaker cables, Audioquest Topaz interconnects. I would like to spend no more than 1500.00 on either new, used, or demo 5 Channel amp for this setup. If you have any insight into what would make a good match for these speakers please let me know. Amps I have been strongly considering are ATI 1505,ATI 2505,Parasound 2505. Thanks, Brian
Rotel RMB 1095 200x5. Balanced and unbalanced inputs. And rear casters(wheels) to help place this 75lb+ beast. Or the ATI 2505 is a no brainer if you can find one for $1500. You should be able to find a RMB 1095 for $1500. Hope it helps. David.
Sunfire Cinema Grande or Parasound 2505 both very comperable
My choice, based on my years with selling these speakers, is that they're already warm and soft on detail (definitely not fatiguing). Thusly, I'd stay away from the Parasound/Sunfire/and the likes (softer/warmer sounding) and lean for the ATI/Acurus/or similar!
Also consider Sherbourn 5/1500 200wx5 retail for $1750. www.sherbourn.com
I would lean towards the Acurus, or if your budget can stand it, Aragon has a new 5 channel amp based on the 8008BB, really nice !!
Also check out the EAD Powermaster. I've listened to the 2000 a bit -- but it's too expensive for your budget. Assuming the Powermaster 500 is almost as good, it's a great amp for both stereo and home theater. The 500 is about $1000 used here on audiogon. www.eadcorp.com