$5-600 tube preamps:CJ,AR,SF,etc..

In this range...considering Conrad Johnson pv 10, Acoustic research sp-3, SOnic Frontiers sf-1(?),etc or similiar models...any standouts? I tend on using ss power...so looking for that classic, golden, "illuminated from within" sound with adequate detail and air...thanks...
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I love my Wright Sound WLA12A, which is in that range used. Great detail and bass with just a touch of warmth. I also use SS power, and it transformed my system.

I also tried a modded Dynaco PAS, which added way TOO much sugar. I've heard the PV10 in a friend's system, and while not as warm as the Dynaco, still not my taste. All the lower end 12AX7 preamps I've heard share this characteristic, which is why I ended up with the 6SN7 Wright.
In that price range you are better off going with the Wright as mentioned above by Armstrod. BTW I am a c-j fan. Or try to find a used Quicksilver pre $700.

Good Luck!
I have compared the Quicksilver, CJ 10 & 14, Rogue M-99?, AL 3A and Counterpoint SA-5 preamps. The Countepoint had NOS tubes while the othes had stock tubes. The overall favorite was the Counterpoint with the 3A close behind. The other two preamps that impressed us were the Placette remote volume and the Sonic Euphoria passive units. You will need to make sure the passives work with your amp. What I like about the Counterpoint is that there is an upgrade path, not sure if anyone modifies the others.

Happy Listening.