5/6 channel amp with laidback,soft, smooth trebble

Anyone recommend a 5 channel amp that is going to be more forgiving of a foreward/bright trebble from the speakers?
My setup I'm tinkering with isn't cutting it for balance! My trebble is too foreward,bright,and in your face.
I'm looking for an amp that will help me.
Actually, the speakers I'm using do superb with tubes. But that's out of the question for my 5 channel home theater set up. any suggestions?
I've heard/read that maybe the Rotel 985 or similar might have a more recessed trebble, which might help. Anyone have any experience here? thx..I'm open to suggestions..however the speakers will likely have to stay.
Myryad MA500. I believe there might still be one on ebay. Very nice amp. And no, it's not my auction! :)
Try some room treatments instead of buying a new amp. Absorption at your first reflection points will likely be much more effective than buyin a new amp.
Tell me,What kind of speakers? What kind of cables? What components? That would be very helpful in solving this problem
maybe you should consider using equalizer. I give thumbs up on Onkyo receivers
Alright Glen, the speakers are little Klipsch SB1's/SB2's, cables are Monster M550i and M1000 digital (both of which should be smooth/forgiving on top...not sure on digital..tinkering), speaker cables are some bare copper I'm using (will try switching speaker wires...one component at time for sure, however), receiver/pre/pro at the moment is Marantz SR5400 (which, on it's own is smoother and less bright than when adding the Parasound 806 I'm using from the pre-out's...however it's hot nearly as dynamic).
Anyway, I'm using the Klipsch's becuase they're cheap, but clear, dynamic, and focused, with lots of pressence(horns?)
Anyway, I new before using them that the cheep tweeter they're using is a bit bright and up-front. Infact, I've used tubes on these speakers to EXCELLENT RESULTS! However solid state is another matter.
So, I'm trying to make em work in a 5.1 channel system.
By the way, I've read the Parasound HCA885 is a smoother/more forgiving amp than the HCA806. Maybe I'll try that. Any more suggestions?...they are appreciated
I don't know if I would characterize it as totally laidback.... and based on your other components, I'm not sure of your budget.... but a Butler Audio TDB-5150 will do wonders for your system... www.butleraudio.com
It sounds like your fairly matched up for a medium grade system. We've all been there and we've all wanted more. It's going to be tuff getting a great Home Theatre sound from where your at, It took me years to get my Theatre just right, not to mention ungodly amounts of money.

I would think about adding a sub-woofer or two but ultimatly every piece will eventually need to be upgraded and probably more than once. Try to get an idea of your dream system and what you need to build it. Then spend the next few years slowly upgrading towards it. When you get there you'll know it, You'll be in awe everytime you watch a movie. It's been almost two years now and I haven't had to change a thing about my system (OK I upgraded my transport)

I know this doesn't help your current situation much but I assure you if you continue down the road all your audio dreams will come true. It takes time, tinkering and money. I guess that's why they call it a hobbie.

I will say your on the right track, isolate your problems and solve them as you go, good luck and let us know how it's going.

Call me crazy but I use three B&K ST-140's.....ahhhhhh those sweet mids.....don't need bass,my subs do it all.....make sure you use a dedicated circuit.....what a great hobby...