5.1Home Theatre/Music Speakers Search?

I'm in the process of doing an extensive research speakers. I live in Southern Oregon and the options are really limited. So far, I demoed Gallo A'Diva, B&W LCR3, Mirage (?) - I see there is a question in this forum earlier about "What bookshelf would be best" - I will be using DENON AVR4308 and DENON DVD3930 - I am looking for a reference speakers with a small footprint (WAF) and I'm torn, I am okay with the sound of the above speakers, but I Don't think I will be satify in a long run. So, please help with pointers or give me a resource guide to 5.1 Home Theatre Refernce Speakers in a bookshelf - my room size is 25W 16D with 13H ceilings, will be using speakers stand if necessary, I keep resorting to QUAD, but I have not yet found a dealer in Oregon/Washington to demo them. For those that respond to this forum, A big thanks!
There are a few ideas here under HT loudspeaker systems:


What did you like/dislike between Gallo, B&W and Mirage? Do you need 5 bookshelf speakers or some other configuration? Are tower speakers ok? What is your budget? Would you prefer fine wood, black or high tech stainless finish? Primary use for movies or?
In response for the question above - I am flexible for speakers options, I just would like a smaller footprint compare what I used to have (Klipsh Forte), so I am looking for reference style monitors/bookshelfs size, I am looking into QUAD 12L2 and 21L2. The movies/music ratio is about 60% movies and 40% music (rock/jazz/blues) what I dislike about the Gallo A'Diva and Mirage they are not reference speakers and I am going to take a moment to scope out the B&W 685's and/or 686's. Wood = maple don't mind high bloss and/or stainless steel - not all speakers need to be bookshelf. Where I live, it is so limited on options/choices....
Did you try the Gallo 3.1 Reference? Here is a small footprint speaker that won't have the limitations that concern you. When you look at speakers with conventional drivers like the Quads how much more performance can be squeezed out of the same old driver topology? They all start sounding like the same boxes. If you want boxless sound and expansive sound stage and a huge listening area you have to break out into new ideas. Gallo has done that with their CDT tweeter which no one has but them. To get beyond you have to look at something like MBL or giant SoundLabs which is fine if you have the space and the $$$. If you are ever in Portland I would be happy to demo my Gallo Ref II speakers. Fred's Sound of music has the Ref 3.1's. When I listen to conventional speakers they sound like honky boxes now.


A lengthy but thorough review.

Wader1971, what is your normal listening life-style? Do you sit by yourself in a "sweet spot" when you do movies/music, or do you move around the house, maybe having multi-seating?
How loud do you listen? do you push your systems? Or are you more of low to moderate level listener?
Also, do you plan on using the "long wall setup?" If not, what are your room acoustics like?
I presume you wanna stay in the same realm and budget of what you suggested, right? Also, are you open to the used market, or just new?