5.1 vs 3 channel???

I am building a system in my finished basement. Is there a way/equipment to just use just fronts and a center channel for ht and just use the fronts for listening to sacd? Will I miss/lose anything watching dvds? I am confused, when you go to a concert the sound is in front of you, not behind you.

I have not been impressed with the ht systems I have heard. The other day I watched a football game at a friends house and quite frankly, the sound that came out of the rear speakers was annoying?

I agree with you, that's why I have added only side stereo speakers and a sub; the tv's speakers (a Phillips direct view 34")serve as the center channel. Sounds good and logical.
I have gone to football games and thought the same thing a few times( all that beer they sell ). Anyway, yes you could do that and yes you would be missing something but three speakers would still be better than only one. He probably had the football game playing threw one of his DSP modes which is enough to turn anybody off. Just set your processor up for no rears and see what you think.
See: "Stereo or Home Theatre?" in misc audio.
turn down the rear speakers to a level so that they are only noticed when they are off as opposed to when they are on, much like a subwoofer. otherwise the soundfeild will have a rearward bias. you'll know when you have it right because the soundfeild will shift back to the front. very common rookie mistake, help your pal out next time you visit.