5.1 small speaker recommendations

I am putting together a simple 5.1 system with a 64" plasma and denon receiver for bluray and HDTV use. I am looking at gallo for speakers but would appreciate input. I have a dedicated high end 2 channel system so I don't care about music for this application. I don't want 7.1 as well. Speakers MUST be small as per my example and I don't want built in or on wall as my cabinet won't allow either. Thanks.
A set of used NHT Super Zero's for the money make a pretty nice HT with a sub. Hard to beat for the used price and cabinets are only 9 X 5 X 5.5 in. Lots of others that's just what came to mind as I set up my daughter with them for her new apartment and it sounds quite good.

If you are checking out the Gallo Micros then Orbs might also fit your needs, they are less expensive and perform equally well.
I've considered Orb but don't find a good deal of interest here. Are they simialr quality to Gallo or just looks? I don't mind the extra cost for a better product but if they are on par with one another I'd save some cash.
I do own both. The Gallo's enclosure are better built but the Orb's are slightly larger and go slightly deeper, but you'll need a sub for both so could be a moot point. The Orbs have a bigger soundstage and seem more holographic, whereas the Micro's convey slightly more detail and tightness, probably due to the more solid enclosure.

The Orb's do have a good return policy so it might be worthwhile to try them out and you'll only be out the shipping cost if you don't like them.
Zu Audio...they now have a matching 5 channel set up and some pretty snazzy wood stain offerings. They are very efficient and can play loud for theater.
Just home theater? I'd go kilpsch or something with dynamics. There are some reference series klipsch monitors for little money on audiogon.
I did an in ceiling 5.1 installation using Gallo's, a small Velodyne sub, and a very inexpensive Panasonic switching receiver. I found the results very impressive considering the budget. I can only guess by placing those drivers at ear level would be a much greater improvement.

You shouldn't be so quick to dismiss 7.1. The matrixed surround effect is worth the effort down the road.
Zu's are surely on the pricier side of most Denon receiver based budgets. Nonetheless, I assume a strong dynamic higher-end offering if you could swing something from Zu, sure! ...excellent, I'm sure....as are the excellent Orb dual ball thingy's, w/ribbon tweeter tingamabobbers! - lol. I think I got those right -sounded fantastic, when I hear em..yep
For the budget minded, I second the Klipsch stuff for solid dynamic HT setups with Denon receiver based systems too. I have had some extremely ambitious two channel and involved high end multi-channel HT system setups over the years, and still find it hard to beat (mind you, when setup correctly -as always) the little Klipsch Quintet sat/sub combo with the Denon, ON THE CHEAP! -Dynamic, clear, detailed, and involving on a budget! Just does a really great job delivering what you want from movie soundtracks..I find.
Key is to crossover high to a smaller dual 8" type sub setup, with subs close to the main sats for xlt integration! (othewise, like all small sub/sat systems, you can easily get a nice weak hole in the response between crossover from sub to sats, true.
Also, the Denon's Mult-EQ and smooth top end tends to work wonders with the Klipsch Horn loaded designs bit bright and foreweard pressentation...balances nice, I assure you.
You can spend lots of bucks on active, more amitious high end speakers, and such. But you're talking receiver systems for movies! You want lots of presence, dynamics, focused -but wide presentation -soundstage, easy to understand dialog, and xlt detail...over air, perfect midrange (you'd be supprised how good it is on little Quintets!), super deep soundstaging, or ultra refinement.
The NHT Zero's, little Galo's, and similar are gunna be more laid back and reserved with less dyanmic efficiency, focus and involvement than higher efficiency horns, actives, and such, typically.
Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System
I have decided and gone with the Gallo D'avia Ti system. Thanks for your opinions and I'll be sure to upgrade to 7.1 within the year. It's going to be a few months before I have them up and running as we are in the process of moving but I'll be sure to write a followup.
Definitive technology pro cinema series--more dynamic and quality sound for the money 600 to 1000 series depending on your room size and needs
So how do you like them? What sizes did you get and how does the center speaker do especially with things like deep male voices? I've been considering these too but concerned the center channel won't have enough, well, balls. Thanks for any thoughts.