5.1 receivers w/ component inputs

First of all, let me thank everyone for their recent input on my HDTV choices. Very much appreciated. My next order of business is to find a good 5.1 channel receiver that has plenty of video inputs in addition to its audio inputs. I really prefer component video inputs to mere S-Video, which (I believe) would rule out an Adcom 760, for example. It's really imperative that the unit play as well in 2-channel as it does in 5-channel, since I'd be using it for music as well as movies and X-Box. Used, I could probably spend about $1000, maybe $1200. The receiver would be driving Gallo Nucleus speakers/active subwoofer, and I don't need it to have a ton of power. Also, I'd love something versatile/upgradeable enough to accommodate SACD/DVD-A in the future. I've been thinking of some of the Onkyo/Integra pieces (although I don't want to pay extra for a 7.1 channel piece), if I can find a used one at a decent price, but I was hoping for input from fellow Audiogoners. Thanks in advance for everything.

Most of the Denon recievers have what your looking for. I have the Denon 3300 avr and it works great with component switching.
run your video signals directly to the moniter (tv) and not through the receiver...you'll save money on cables and it will sound better....
The marantz 7200 is an excellent choice. It has 2 sets of component inputs. It has also been recently been discontinued so you should be able to find a great deal on it. It has all the features your looking for. (6.1 inputs, 100watts x 6, plenty of inputs, good little LCD universal remote.) I paid $600 for mine. If you want to spend more the SR8200 adds THX Select, 120W x 6). But it still only has 2 sets of component inputs.

The 9200 has 4 sets of component inputs, but is probably out of your price range.