5.1 Rear Speaker Placement Opinions?

I am considering moving to the 5.1 format. I can't find a thread I saw a while back regarding rear speaker placement. My speakers will be wall or ceiling mounted on brackets. I am using Linn Tukans in the front with a REL StrataIII sub. The rears will also be Tukans. I am also considering a receiver that will play 5 ch stereo. What do you think, I'm getting mix inputs. On the sides? 45 deg from rear corners? Rear firing forward? 90/10% music/movie ratio. It is a large "great room" (combo kit/family). I cannot get the rears more than 2/3rds back in the room as we have a eating bar w/hanging cupboards above. Any input would help before I start drilling and climbing in the attic. Thanks All. Dan
90/10 music to movies in 5.1? If that is the case then you need to have rears behind you. If it's 90% music in 2 channel--then of course it really doesn't matter where the rear speakers are placed. I've experminted with this a bit and prefer them about 45 degrees relative to the listener and firing in front of the listener. Of course, this was in my listening room, and results in a different room with different reflections is likely to be different. It turned out I liked this position best for movies as well. However, I never really liked music in 5.1 format, even with 5.1 channel music DVD's. It has a nice WOW factor the first time you listen to one, but it wore thin on me quickly.
so for music, you suggest 2 chan only. that is what i planned on. to fill the room during a party, on the sides alittle i front of the listener or in back of the listener firing to the front? thanks... more help anyone?
For Dolby 5.1, I followed the traditional front end set up, with side positions utilizing dipoles. The speakers I choose for the sides directed one pair of drivers 45 degrees front, and another pair of drivers 45 degrees rear. The wall position for this dipole, when seated, should be at or slightly behind your shoulder, as you face the dialogue channel. This is a terrific way to get full sound in the room, with a minimum amount of hardware. I am about to be forced to do some major repair/construction on my listing room, and I am planning changes for speaker type and position. The new Dolby 9 channel format specifies that speakers be placed at both sides and rear ( the two front speakers, subs, and dialogue all remain the same ). The rear can mirror the dialogue as a single center rear, or a pair may be used, placed fairly close together. Parasound has released an inexpensive converter that allows the current 5.1 movies to Matrix into the 9 channel format. Instead of only dipoles at the sides, I am going to buy conventional speakers for both the sides and rear. This means I have the possibility to play stereo, Dolby 5.1, Dolby 5.1 matrix 9 channel, and discrete Dolby 9 channel. Obviously, this same set up would allow music to fill the room beautifully for the party effect you wanted. Better yet, after all the people are gone, you and your mate can experience state of the art movie sound. I wish you luck on what ever way you decide to proceed.