5.1 pre/pro best around 700.00

Looked at rotel, lexicon DC-1,b&k ref 20,chiro.I seem to find some negative comments all of them. Whats your opinion open for suggestion thanks
Sony Pre/Pro 9000es around your range
I would also recommend the Acurus Act - 3. Upgradable until June for 975.00 and a very good preamp processor on its own.
If you are going to be using the pre/pro mainly for home theater, you should consider the Adcom GTP-760. This unit has been superceded by the Adcom GTP-860, so used 760's can now be purchased for around $800. The GTP-760 got an excellent review several years ago from Anthony Cordesman, writing for "The Perfect Vision". I owned the 760 for a brief period, and gave it to my son who has been very pleased with its performance.

The sole "caveat" I have is that the 760 converts all audio signals to digital format, and has no analog bypass circuit, so if you are going to use the pre/pro for LP playback, the 760 is not the best choice.
The Ref 20 if a good unit, but I 2nd the suggestion for the ACT3.
I bought the B&K reference 20 for 650.00 delivered. I am very pleased , it had had a good review on audioreview.com and I give it a good review also.