5.1 or 7.1 AV Receiver that allows Surround to Switch to Zone 2?


I am looking for a good sounding AV receiver to use in living room with older Def Tech 3.0 sound-bar and Def Tech sub, as well as to power two speakers above cabinets in adjoining kitchen.

Ideally, I would like a 5.1 receiver that will allow for the kitchen speakers to serve as the two surrounds for a 5.1 home theater, as well as then work to play stereo in both rooms to stream music from spotify, roon, etc in a 2-zone configuration.

The newer Marantz 7.1 receivers, such as the SR5015, offer "all zone stereo" for 2-3 zones and Helios streaming capability, but do not allow second zone speakers to serve as primary surround speakers (as far as I can tell), and their small 5.1 receiver, NR1510, does not have 2 zone capability.

I’ve looked at the new Anthem 5.1 and it does not seem to have this capability either.

Also, looked at newer powered sound-bar, Sennheiser, but I don’t know how I would combine that with rear speakers for two-room stereo.

Does anyone know of a receiver that provide this? Or any other ideas?

Thank you..

You can use a a/b switcher connect AV receiver zone2 and surround channel output to kitchen speakers input.
I have never seen any equipment that does a "surround speaker" zone 2, so imhififan's suggestion is likely your only option.