5.1 Dolby audio switch unit.

I have built up a large collection of laser discs which I'd prefer to keep so I have finally bought an RF Demodulator. I then found out that the unit's output is to go into my processor's 5.1 input, but that is now occupied by the output of my SACD player. What can I do? Does any one know of a 5.1 Dolby audio switch? There are video switches all over, but I have not found the audio switch I need. I am hesitant to go the 'Y' connector route. Any idea out there in Audiogon land? Help if you can, please. Thanks.
Doesn't the demodulator have inputs for other devices? I have a Yamaha that does. Or, you could get a demodulator that has a digital output.
Most 5.1 processors/receivers have more than one digital input and you can usually switch between them. If your processor has only one digital input then maybe now is a good time to upgrade...
You can get a good switch box at www.switch-box.com/ or you could rig up or buy a cheaper unit at radio shack. The good one is $200 and the radio shack would be much less.