5.1.2 Atmos

I was planning on using the  4 ceiling speaker that I have now for Atmos. If I wanted 5.1.4 it would cost a lot of money in labor to move the front ceiling speakers to their proper position. At least $1500 to do it right so my wife wouldn't complain about the ceiling looking like it has had work done to it.
If I just go 5.1.2 would it be a big downgrade from 5.1.4? My dealer told me that 2 speakers would still sound really good just not as good as 4 speaker Atmos. Would you guys do a 2 speaker Atmos or just spend the $1500. I'm not wealthy but I want to have a good sounding Home Theater system. 

From what I’ve heard from people who upgraded from 5.1.2 to 5.1.4, even those with entry-level systems, I’ve seen many state that 5.1.2 -> 5.1.4 was a larger jump than 5.1 -> 5.1.2.
I do not know if I understand you well.
You could add two ´´on wall ´´ speakers , while keeping the two ceiling speakers.The cost would be low.
you would have a  5.1.4.
That depens on your walls  configuration

The problem is in the installation. If I kept a 5.1 system I would be buy 2 Paradigm  floor speakers and center speaker. All the wiring was done 11 years ago when this room was frame. The wires are all inside the walls and it all goes to a closet where the equipment is. My front ceiling speakers are set up for 5.1 and would have to be moved to proper Atmos position. Plus I would want floor speakers for rear surround and that would also be tricky because of the wiring. If I just did 5.1 I would probably continue to use rear ceiling for surround and then there would be no cost. It would just cost a lot of money for speakers and installation 
Just get 2 that sit near your ground speakers and bounce them off the ceiling.  They make speakers specifically for this 
@batman1971   It is a solution
But the result is average at best.
I have 4 KEF R50  sitting on top of my speakers , and it is far from being excellent. 
i decided to with 5.1.4. It will be expensive, but I know it will be worth it
May be , if you see all that work as an investment rather than expenditure , it will help.
One day, when you will sell your house, you will probably recover part if not all of your money.
I would not be supprised that it helps to sell your house .
Also, you may ask your dealer ,if ventilation ( for electronic equipment  ) in the closet would be appropriate. Depending on the amount of audio gears that you have., there is heat production.
You can also ask your dealer about the futur of Auro 3D
Could it be implemented with your systeme at low cost.( one ´´ voice of God ´´ ceiling speaker to be added )

I just read the article on Auto-3D. Sounds interesting. If I have two speakers for Atmos installed I will have 3 unused front ceiling speakers, so I think it will be possible.
I have a fan in the closet that vents to the attic. I will ask if that is enough.
No plans to ever sell but eventually our children might sell