Howdy and thanks for taking the time to read. In the process of setting up a small second system utilizing a pair of Magnepan MMGW's, the on wall maggies. Looking for suggestions as to which receivers out there have the ability to run 4OHM speakers. As this is a second set up I want to keep it to a receiver and not multiple components as space is a factor. Also not looking to break the bank to drive a pair of $300 speakers. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Probably any of the better HK/Denon/Yamaha/Sony ES receivers would be OK as long as you don't want to go too loud.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have looked at all of the above but my issue is spending 3-5 times what the speakers cost to get a really top end receiver to drive them. In addition the system is going to be 2.0 or 2.1 so no need for countless surround settings, maybe I should look at an integrated amplifier?

There is no need to spend a lot of money - I would go with a used stereo receiver or integrated from the 90's. I got a nice little Sony ES receiver for $40 on the auction sight that did a decent job.

Or new the Yamaha RX-797 or Harmon Kardon 3490 should work fine and be under $500 if you shop around.


Thanks for the suggestions and the assistance.
Got a great Nakamichi TA3A receiver with remote and manual
75 WRMS into 8 ohms and 125 WRMS into 4 ohms. Fully operational no faults. Has Nelson Pass Stasis technology.

Let me know if interested.