4ohm or 8ohm on B&W CDM-7nt?

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the dumb question, but I am wondering if there will be a difference (quality or loudness) using my Arcam AVR-300 in 4ohm or 8 ohm to drive my B&W 7nt's. I am not sure what exactly the difference will be and feel I have searched google to find so many conflicting answers.

I figured I should be able to get a decent answer here.


Your speakers are 8 ohms, use the 8 ohm taps from your amp.
I have both 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm output taps on my amps and I simply tried each to see (hear) if one was better sounding. Indeed the 4 Ohm sounded better on my Focals and I rarely, if ever, doubt my completely reversible decision.
Why not try them both and hear for yourself?
i wouldn't even think of connecting 7nt to 8Ohm taps. if there were 2ohm taps like in mcintosh i would connect them there.
“I figured I should be able to get a decent answer here.”

Sorry to say that so far you have not. The first 4 replies apply to tube amps or a Mac with autoformers. I assume you are talking about the 4 ohm/8 ohm switch on the back of your solid state AVR receiver. 8 ohm is the proper setting for your speakers. Refer to page 9 of your owner’s manual, or if you don’t have one, it’s available online. Not sure, but there may be a very slight drop in volume in the 4 ohm position, but DO NOT switch with unit powered on. Also, DO NOT use 4 ohm speakers in the 8 ohm position.
Using 8 Ohm speaker at 4 Ohm connection is OK tho
"DO NOT use 4 ohm speakers in the 8 ohm position."

Yep, it will cause a rise in distortion. Just like the early B&K ST-140.