4K for new Sony phone..

How long before 4K is standard for say Oppo players and other BluRay players?
Samsung just announced a 4K DVD player,($500) but I've heard the video compression on 4K is so good that they will be able to stream it pretty efficiently, which sounds like the win. Also, 4K DVD discs need enough seats to make content production viable, and there's still a bottleneck in 4K TV sales because there's no resale value on TV's, and it's difficult to just throw a good 1080 set in the trash.
I'm wondering if perhaps we'll see films and video in 4K as the first steps. With the build up of inventory it could start a thirst in the consumers, and I think all artists,directors,producers would like the ultimate resolution available now. They know technology marches on.
Of course I don't claim to be a trendsetter. I'm still enjoying DVD's and Hi-Def sports via HDMI on my 52 inch Panasonic plasma.