47 Labs RS-A1 tonearm, how to adjust VTA ?

Friends, I have just got in a 47 Labs RS-A1 tonearm. In general it is easy to setup but I am not sure how to setup the VTA and tonearm height. Can anyone please help ?

BTW, with even a very sub optimal setup this tonearm is superb. Pace and rhythm is outstanding, Transparency and detail is also superb, all this with a very natural and accurate tonality. I just need to set this up correctly, really need some help here !

you can get away with a small amount of adjustment on the 'pillar' but the rotating plate really should be level. If gross VTA adjustment is needed your only option is to shim the front or the back of the cartridge body.

Okay, now I know how to adjust the VTA and also did try a few different settings, however I am unable to get rid of certain amount screechy-ness on high pitched female vocals especially while playing oldies classics. I dont hear that on the SME 3012 tonearm on the same TT and cartridge. The cartridge I use is a ZYX RS30. What could be the issue ?
Assuming your VTF is correct and you have the arm positioned properly (stylus 1CM from center pivot) then the next thing I would check is the tightness of the headhell rotating bearing. I find if that is too loose things can get a bit aggressive. If it goes too tight things get closed in.

Thanks Intactaudio, I will try these options today.
The distance from stylus to center pivot is something that is still a mystery. Some say it should be 2cm and some say it should be 0 cm !! You say 1cm :-). But I will try. I am not looking for the best performance on all the grooves of the record, after all there has to be some groove areas where the sound will be better but a very audible distortion in the sound is not acceptable IMO, that too on the centre grooves sometimes. That tells me there is something wrong in the setup or the cartridge doesnt match this tonearm or ...

Do you think trying to use a protractor may help in aligning the tonearm ?