47 Labs MCBee cartridge - has anyone heard it ?

I am looking for an upgrade over my Dynavector 17D3. The Dyna was nice but it lacked scale and body. It was decently dynamic but doesnt sound exactly "free". I am looking for an upgrade within $1500. The 47 Labs MCBee is right within my budget and in some forums is considered as a sleeper (very high value for money but unknown). Has anyone heard it here ? Couple of press reviews say it is good but needs a bright TT as a partner, how true is that ? I use a Verdier which is not bright, rather a tad romantic, and I listen to a lot of Rock n roll kind of music which needs good PRAT and dynamics, an alive sound.

On one hand I am really tempted to get this cart but on the other hand I am looking for some recommendations here which will give me that final inspirational push to pull the trigger :-)

The other cartridge I am considering is a Ortofon Kontrapunkt B.

I will use a Basis Vector 4 tonearm and RCM Sensor Prelude phonostage.