47 Labs Mc Bee MC

Anyone using the McBee MC cart..what are your impressions? The one and only review I could find suggests Its smooth sounding, but a bit rolled off in the highs and seems to lack some life overall, suggesting a more "lively" table to use with this MC... not very expensive, but at $1200 US. not all that inexpensive to buy without hearing or at least some feedback on how it sound and on what tables...

Listened to the MCBee cartridge today on a SOTA Jewel table. Arm was Sota S300, phono stage Simaudio as well as 47Labs Shigaraki. Amplification by Sim and Edge, speakers PMC (cant remember model but they were big!). Cartridge in this set up was really good. Clear with plenty of PRaT. Sounded best with Shigaraki phono stage, but due an annoying ground loop problem with the Shigaraki the Sim was a good competitor. This set-up was much better than a Clearaudio Solution, Denon DL103r with same phono stages. So whilst I didnt swap out the cartridges, the MCBee was impressive on its own.

Thanks for the info. The 6 moons review has it mounted on the Origin Live Silver/Garrard 301 and Shigaraki Phono stage and they liked it too...My concern would be mounting on a VPI Classic with 10.5i SE arm..Seems like it would be a decent choice with the medium compliance of 12 on the JMW, higher would be better..any experience with the JMW arms?
I had one for a few months, but could never get it to "sing". My dealer had it on a project TT w/carbon fiber arm - sounded very smooth, but at home it just never had the top end and sounded dull and lethargic when compared to the very best. However, at its price point it is OK - I would put it in the same league as the Dynavector Te Kaitora.

The McBee also needs extremely precise (and I really mean accurate to 0.5mm +/- overhang )set up to perform properly

I have 47 labs mc bee cartridge paired with phono cube on kuzma reference mk2 table with 4point arm...presentation is natural and inviting...i could write essay about good sides of 47 labs combo and how does nothing wrong...so for that money (cart costs 1700eu today) yes it coud say this cart was a sleeper...well worth of money spent today also...btw i had an honor that Franc Kuzma himself set up my TT