47 Labs Integrated Amp 20W X 2

Anybody usng this amp? What speakers? Subwoofer use too? Are you happy with it?
This is the Shigaraki Integrated, right? I had it paired with the following speakers:
Epos ES 11(bookshelf, 2 ways)
Zhorn Garuda with 8" Fostex 208 Sigma, older type (97db efficiency)
with the Zhorns, I used an Infinity Intermezzo 2.1? Subwoofer with 850 watt Class D amplifier.

The EPOS ES 11 sounded incredibly rhythmic on its own with the Shigaraki.
The Zhorn Garuda plus subwoofer was also great, although it the same sound as the Epos ES 11.

My recommendation is that this amp matches EXTREMELY well with decent sensitivity 2 ways, with simple crossovers such as

Proac 1SC
any of the Reference 3M models with as the Petite and I forgot the name of the larger brother.
and tons of other ones.

The Shigaraki sound is like a mix of a 300b SET amplifier with a great, I mean great low end control of a SS amplifier.

I loved it, but I got the upgrade buy and my system changed.
Mine was the best radio I have owned it picked up so much RF noise it was mostly unusable.YMMV but if you live near or in a big city I would consider this.