47 Labs Input Chooser

Any one have any experience with this product and can describe it's construction configuration as well as product quality?

I'd also be interested in similar products. Jena labs builds them in the $1500 - $2500 range. Big bucks for a switch! The 47 Labs is MSRP $750.

It's a nice little piece. Same build quality as the gaincard. All single ended inputs/outputs. Fully passive I believe. nice stepped switches, feel similar to gaincard attenuators. I think 4 inputs and 1 output? It may have muting switches too, I forget.

Hi, I used to own one, it IS a nice unit. It has 2 outputs, no muting.

One caveat, really not a problem in my mind: the stepped connectors can oxidize a bit, resulting in some noise as you switch.

But bottom line, a very nice little unit, though you can probably do as well for less (db systems in NH has a nice inexpensive hand-wired switchbox - stay away fromt he cheapies that use a circuit board).