47 Labs Gaincard

What is the story on this product. Is it really as good or better than a SET amp?
I demoed one of the 25W units. They're not cheap, but they are impressive with the right speakers. They're still different from SET amps...not necessarily better...it depends on your preference (the old tube vs SS thing). The power supply is complete seperate, so the actual "amp" weighs less than a pound and is approximately 1"x8"x4", with a signal path that is only 2" long. In general I would compare them to the Pass Aleph amps, but with even more low level detail. They do pass on an amazing amount of detail. I prefer a bit more of a tube sound, but I'd highly recommend them for any detail freaks. It's a design that's worth checking out.
Talk to mod guru Andy Bartha; he builds a similar custom amp & should be able to further enlighten you. 954-583-7866
I have the Bartha amp & it is based on a concept similar to the 47 labs; had a chance to listen to a 47 for a couple of weeks, and Bartha's amp obliterates it. One of the other great things about getting his amp, you can pick the connectors you want, I had a specific power cord hardwired on, and outputs etc... Recommended that you try to listen to a 47 first, and if you like it, you'll love Andy's amp.
I too own Andy Bartha's amp and it is phenomenal. I have never heard so much detail in an amp and I have owned plenty! Andy is a great guy to deal with also. I have bought his amp, modded Pioneer DV-444 and his Bybee box. I am fortunate enough to live close by and had an in home audition before I purchased.