47 Labs Flatfish/Progression Upgrade

Has anyone tried the 47 Labs Flatfish/Progression & Shigaraki Battery Power Upgrade by Pure Power as advertised here on Audiogon? If you have,please give me your opinion. Thanks
I auditioned a unit at the manufacturers (Brian) home and bought one on the spot. The differences between a double Humptied unit and Brian's battery power supply are not suttle and well worth the money IMO. The fit and finish of the product is comparable to the 47 Labs gear.
I would recommend trying a unit before purchasing but I'm 99.99% sure you won't be sending it back. Brian is a decent guy to deal with, also.

I have a PurePower supply for my Flatfish/Shigaraki dac. I can tell you honestly that I will not be listening without the battery again. The PurePower seems to enhance all the things I like about the 47Labs gear. Musical flow. I think it is well worth the money. It is also constructed beautifully and complements the 47Labs kit. Brian is also a nice guy. Very enthusiastic and rightfully proud of his product.