47 Labs battery power supply

I remember a while back, when the Gaincard was very popular, there was a man who made rechargable battery supply for the 47 Labs gear. What happened to this? Any feedbacks will be appreciated.

Call Brian from Pure Power at 732-846-3324
In case you didn't know, this battery replacement PSU is designed to replace the Power Dumpty which powers digital components and not the amps. I did read somewhere that the Pure Power is slightly superior than 47's own PSU.
RE:" I did read somewhere that the Pure Power is slightly superior than 47's own PSU."

I believe it would depend on one's musical and sonic priorities.Drawing from a DC battery source and directly from the mains result in quite different presentations.A self contained battery may possibly provide a lower noise floor but the mains offers faster and more authoritative current delivery.

Hey Ken,

That something I read was actually from Junji himself. It was posted here on the Gon but was deleted when Yoshi protested that it was confidential information or something like that. Ok.. this thread is going to get axed soon too...
Hi Viggen,

That seems pretty odd. I've met Kimura-san twice now and unless his written english is considerably more adept than his spoken, then this source must have been a translation or even further removed.
Could you recall in more precise detail Mr Kimura's impressions and who might have posted it here at AG? I would think it highly unlikely that a manufacturer, whose work is naturally created to suit his own value system,would give a blanket recommendation for an aftermarket device with a different set of values.
Even in the most candid and balanced of exchanges it seems to me that he would make very clear which *specific* sonic & musical characteristics that they appreciated along with those they were less enamored of.

Hey Ken,

Let me describe what I can remember of the deleted thread. Some guy asked about how good that Pure Power thing is. Then, some dude responded saying Junji himself said the Pure Power is pretty good, and he copy and pasted something supposedly Junji wrote. What was written was something along the lines of an indirect admission that the Pure Power was "worth it" yet not the "real deal" (heavily paraphrased by me as I don't remember the exact language used). Then, the next post was by Yoshi complaining about that thread. The post after that was an apology by the poster of the alleged private material who admits that he should not have taken it out of the "private" 47 forum. The day after, the thread is gone.

I read the thread a long long time ago. So, sorry if I can't be more descriptive.
Hi Viggen,
I think I know the incident now.
I subscribe off and on to the 47 Labs mailing list and recall a gentleman appear with glowing praise for the Pure Power.
Over a very short timeframe, he was acting very much the salesman tho he claimed no commercial ties to Pure Power.We're all familiar with overly enthusiatic customer's claims here at AG but he came across as being better versed in the details of its construction and design than would normally be expected.
I dunno to this day, if he was acting on his own as a joyously happy client or as a shill.
Regardless, Yoshi stated curiosity for the device and made arrangements with him to audition the Pure Power.
Yoshi, not Kimura-san, posted his impressions of the power supply on the mailing list.His written response to the group was what I would call " generously supportive" but which hinted at a few politely withheld reservations. Apparently soon afterwards, selected portions of Yoshi's commentary to the 47 group were copied and pasted here at AG. What happened after that I am not privvy to.

I am using the Flatfish and the Progression Dac in my system and the Pure Power was a huge upgrade .The sound is more clearer ,smoother and natural. Instruments are more defined and more dimensional. The sound of each instrument comes out more relaxed and unforced. Instruments sound more real. Vocals sound like the person is sitting in my listening room. This is something you will need to experience yourself. It is a big improvement over the stock Dumpty.