47 Labs 4733 preamp/usb dac/intg Vs. Older Gear

Hi my dad is putting up his together his computer system.

I am trying to argue thoroughly that he would be better off going with older gear for $1700 as oppose to a new unit.

His argument is that by using less parts you can achieve more. Im arguing that for $1700 He can get a Proceed PAV and Amp 2 and a pair of Aerial Model 5's for the same price give or take and can later upgrade to a better DAC than is in the PAV.

Space doesnt seem to be an issue hes borrowing a bunch a gear right now from me that takes up about 40+% of his desk right now.

Also theres the Conrad Johnson CAV-50 Which I think would be perfect with an HRT Streamer for him.

Im actually really hoping Im wrong and that this unit is awesome even though it goes against all my core audio fundamentals Which really dont mean anything anyway. They might really have an awesome product and have just really figured out how to do more with less which is entirely possible.

My hats off to 47 Labs I have heard nothing but good things consistently and my offerings against it are not one box solutions and not new or with a warranty we just luckily have a great relationship with a local Tech/Speaker builder which gives me a little more confidence buying older gear which not all people have access to.

Thanks a million Toby

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