47 Labs

I think about a new Digital Playback and that Company has some nice units :-)
I never had the chance to listen to them but are here some owners who can write some lines about them? Specially Flatfish + their DAC (there are 2 different ones I think)...how do they compare to the Esoteric, EMM ....units?

Thank you
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I've been using the 47 Labs Shigaraki series 4715 DAC and 4716 transport for the past five years and find them to be very satisfying for digital playback. I haven't heard the Reference series Flatfish transport or Progression or Gemini DAC's or the other manufacturer's units you mention so I can't make a comparison.

NOS DAC's such as the 47 Labs are worth checking out to see if they are a good fit for your digital playback standards as they offer a different presentation than that of upsampling digital gear.