45 rpm vinyl value

Does any of the analog collectors know if there is any value to some inherited RCA 45 rpm records I have? They are not full sized album 45's. They are the size of the old 45rpm singles. This is the first time I have ever seen classical music on such a format. They are RCA Victor WMO 1227 Chopin Favorites and WDM 1313, Beethoven Symphony No. 5. The albums are red and come without any dates. This was the day of "stack and play" and you have a frisbee in the making. I don't use 45 rpm so I haven't listened to these. Perhaps an analog historian would be best to comment on these. Jallen
what is the condition of these albums?
send me your list.
I have some Red RCA's that came in boxes the size of reel to reel tape boxes (3-5 per box) that I researched on Ebay a few years ago. They were not selling for even $1 @ that time. I'm not certain where they are stored so cannot check the labels and compare them to yours. I'm pretty certain that they were all classical though.

Do what I did and research yours on Ebay for the fair market value.