45 amp recommendations

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I'm on the prowl for a 45 amp. My budget is up to $6K. I'm currently eyeing an amp from Electra Fidelity (with Silver OPTs), but I'm looking for any other recommendations. Thanks!
I just did a quick search and found the 45 SE Integrated (special edition model with silver) List price on this was $3995. Limited to 10 numbered units. They seem like a real bargain to me!! A Positive Feedback review stated that Founder Jack Elliano is known for his own wound custom transformers, a good sign! The CU copper model lists for $2495. I have Wavelength 45 Silver monos with 106db speakers, btw. With a good matching, you should be hooked!! Other very fine makers out there.
I just looked up Yamamoto 45 (which are VERY nice) to possibly recommend, and found the 6moons review.
The prototype Wavelength 45 pictured is mine!
Hello there,
Cool your amp is famous! Yes it does seem like a good value. I actually have a headphone amp with Electraprint Iron so I can attest to the quality of his work; though at the moment I'm a bit partial to solid silver windings so I may have to return to the table when I have more moolah. :(
I am lucky to live near Jack and his business partner Tony and have heard some of their amps in my system. No disrespect to Yamamoto and Wavelength, but the Electra Fidelity silver 45 SE is very special. My speakers are only 93db so the 1.5watts was not quite enough. Anything above say 98db should be wonderful.
I had to go with the el-34 amp at double the price and their MLA preamp which is built into the SE 45. Wholeheartedly recommended!
Wow! A 45 DHT SET with high quality silver transformers? For that price I'd be all over it. With appropriate speakers it would likely sing heavenly.
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