$400 CAL CD player- Scrap it or fix it?

I have a California Audio Lab DX-1 CD player. It's about 3 years old, and it has worked flawlessly. Recently it skips, fails to "read" a disc, won't play at all, etc. It happens intermittently, and it is out of warranty. Turning it on and off usually fixes it. Nothing in the system or the environment has changed or moved. The question is with a minimum $75.00 repair charge should I fix the player or consider it disposable and scrap it? Any opinions?
The improvement in sound quality of the most recent 24 bit players simply blows away anything that was manufactured just a couple years ago. If sound quality is not your number one issue, then maybe you could consider a fix. Otherwise, conisder one of the newer players.
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If you live in a cold dry area, excess static could be causing a problem. Marginal components (cold solder joint etc) could get by under normal circumstances but not work in cold dry climates. Considering the technology of the DX-1 though, I'd get a new player.
Depending on the amount of usage it has received your laser may be weak/need alignment. Unless you know how to fix yourself, I don't believe replacing the laser will be cheap. Like the others said, at the prices you can buy more advanced cd players now, you're probably better served to buy a good used one.
Thanks for all of the responses. The problem could be excess static, for it has been cold lately in the northeast. Also, I'll ask an electronic tech in work to look for obvious faults. If the problem proves to be neither static nor obvious then I will buy a new(er) CD player...perhaps from Audiogon?
I had purchased a DX-1 also that had the same sypmtoms as yours. My local dealer sent it back to CAL for a repair and took a $40 deposit. After a few weeks, I was told it needed a new laser mechanism and the estimate was quite high. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I think it was over $200. Regardless, it was sufficiently high that I told CAL to keep it. Even if this is not the case with your unit, it sounds like it's a good time to upgrade.