40 weight oil for VPI SAMA seems too heavy...

I used a much lighter oil expressly for small electrical motors with an extension wand which made it very easy to lubricate the SAMA motor for my Super Scoutmaster. this eliminated noise and vibration which recently affected the motor. The 40 weight automotive oil recommended by VPI is for car engines and I think it's way too heavy for small motors like VPI/ What are your thoughts on this?
I use Shimano reel lubricant for my Michell TT with great results.
What EACTLY does VPI recommend? I recall decades ago they recommended a particular Mobil 1 but I don't recall the viscosity.
SAE 40 is okay for the spindle bearing but is too heavy for the tiny bearing of the SAMA. VPI recommended to me the use of sewing machine oil.
use lightweight machine oil or sewing machine oil
What's "SAMA"?
SAMA - Stand Alone Motor Assembly
Why don't you free your mind as to the correct stuff and get a bottle of it from VPI....you will know that it is correct.
Marakanetz - I have the Michell Gyro II, what exactly do you lubricate in the motor? Do you remove the top of the motor? how often does it need to be lubricated? I never heard of this before. Thanks
I do not lubricate motor.
I only lubricate spindle.
My GMC uses 5W30.
The Classic's manual clearly instructs the owner to use a 40-weight oil. Even though not SAMA, the bearing seems the same as on the motor of my old Scout. I used 40-W and it worked just fine, and it did not seem "too heavy." The only challenge was to apply it cleanly on the bearing through the tiny space between the spindle and the brass piece. Why would VPI recommend a maintenance product that does not work well with their product after all the years in the turntable business?