4 stacked Quad ESL 57 VS Apogee Diva

Hi can somebody tell me the difference between the two speaker systems ?? Thanks
The stacked Quads have one of the best midrange offerings you can ever hope to find. Even still today, especially when driven with tubes. They have a sweet spot, which is quite narrow. So they need careful placement. They don't play particularly loud. So if you like chambermusic or small Jazz combos, they are the perfect speaker. Try to find Sequerra or Decca ribbons for the highs and a good sub and you have a system which in overall musicality and resolution is hard to beat.

The Divas play much louder, they are more dynamic, they are more extended in their frequency range, so if you like rock, pop, ore listen at louder levels, you are fine with them. They are less resolving, less coherent in the midband than the Quads. Hope this helps you along a bit. I personally would go for Quads any day....
I would agree with Detlof and go with the Quads. Stacked in double pairs very similar to the original Mark Levinson HQD system, with Decca ribbons and Hartley bass drivers (or a good JBL bass driver). regards, Richard.