4 pcs of Martin Logan Clarity to one Integrated Amplifier Marantz PM 80

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Please help me to this question.. I got 4 pcs of Martin Logan Clarity.. There is any prob;em to hook up with Marantz PM 80? I dont want to buy again and again a amplifier for these ML Clarity..Someone told me that it can hook up to Marantz PM80....There is any advice guys?? Please help....

You had a chance with two ML’s on this amp, which is a nice amp. But 4!! you’ve got buckley’s.

Cheers George

How about AVR Marantz SR 5006 ??

What ML esl’s have is a nasty 1ohm load at the HF, down low this model has no impedance v phase graphs done on it yet, but if they are like other small passive hybrids ML’s of the past they really need amp that are a bit more substantial than your garden variety SR receivers.

More likely minimum would be an Emotiva SR setup.

SR Preamp:

SR 5ch Power amp:
Minimum https://emotiva.com/collections/amps/products/a-500

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How are you

How about NAD T773?


How about NAD T773?
It still just 110w of receiver watts, it may work, but those speakers deserve more than HT receiver watts.

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Tnx a lot George...I will wait for sometimes to go on what you told me about Emotiva amp...Not this time..hehehehee.. I'm out of budget....Someone offer me 395 USD for NAD T773...