4 or 8 ohm with Harbeth

The specs for a Harbeth Compact 7es3 state that it is a 6 ohm load. On a tube amp should I use the 4 or 8 ohm tap?
try both and listen to which one you like best.
I've tried both the 4-6 and 6-8 taps on my amp and like the 4-6 better. Try them and see.
I own an ARC VS-115 which has 4 and 8 ohm taps. Although my fronts are nomonally rated at 8 ohms, the impedance drops to 4+ ohms in low bass. A couple of A'gon technies suggested that I try both taps and use the taps that sound better. I did. Interestingly, while the specs "suggested" that I might do better with the 4 ohm taps, the fonts sounded like they were being driven under water. I switched to the 8 ohm taps and all is good.

So, I agree with Riley and Tom. Tried both and use the taps that sound better. Good luck.
Ditto above,try both and decide for yourself. After all, you are the one that that's listening. If you're worried about damaging your speakers, don't.
Thanks for the replies. One of my concerns was the possibility of damage to either the speakers or amp. I will try both and listen.
You don't mention your amp, for one, so why are you thanking anyone for their replies? Their comments are useless without more knowledge.
Second, why would you be concerned of possibility of damage? if you bought from a decent dealer you shouldn't have to be asking....
It is the cross-over interaction with your amp that is affecting your sound and yes, your speakers will often fluctuate to 4 ohms. The lower impedance tap always tends to be safer on your outputs as this setting is made to handle more current demands.
My amp is a Rogue Audio Tempest bought from a dealer that does not carry Harbeth. My thought in posting this question is to get input from those directly familiar with Harbeth and tube amps with 4 and 8 ohm taps. BTW all my current system- amp, cd player, speakers, turntable, phono preamp, and subwoofer has been purchased from dealers.
On some ARC amps, the feedback is taken from the 4ohm tap. I find it sounds the best. When a speaker manufacturer says their speakers' impedance is 8 ohms understand that this is not a constant across the frequency response of the speaker. An 8 ohm speaker can dip to 4 or 5 ohms at it's minimum. This usually occurs after it's resonance peak and is a function of the crossover and how each driver is compensated. It's easy enough to try both taps and see which one you prefer. This should not cause any damage to speaker or amplifier.
Hi Valinar,

Could you post your impressions of the Rogue Tempest?
It seems to me also that you had Dynaudio C1s before the Harbeths, I'd be curious as to why you switched.

St. Louis Stereo in downtown St. Louis, MO carries Harbeth plus Leben and Audio Research tube amps and could answer your question. On other posts people have said to just use the output that sounds better to you!

I have Special 25s myself and at some point want a new amplifier.