4 or 8 ohm ?


I have a second pair of speakers that are rated at 6 ohms, and a tube integrated that has outputs for 8 or 4 ohms....where should I plug the speakers ?
My guess is that to the 4ohm output....

Try them both and see! The 4 ohm is generally the recommended one however for 6 ohm speakers. I like my Paradigm 100.2 6-ohm speakers on my McIntosh's 8 ohm tap.
A 6 ohm rating is it's average. We don't know what it's extremes are to come up with that average. It may have some serious dips that could be hard on your amp using the 8 ohm. Do what Aball says and try both. One will likely sound better to you. If you don't hear much of a difference, then use the 4 ohm. Good Luck
You may find the 8 ohm tap to yield better hi-frequency reproduction.If it doesn't control the bass,use the 4 ohm tap.As I understand most transformer output set-ups,the actual "matching" is lower than that stated {IE;8 ohm is closer to 6 ohms}.
Thks, I will try and let my ears judge...I was just worried about something happening to my amp.