4 ohm (or 6) Bookshelf speakers. Pass Labs 30.8

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I am having a hard time finding book shelf speakers that run in 4 ohm (or 6 maybe?).  Before I seriously consider the Pass Labs 30.8, I need to at least know what kind of speakers to listen to, price them out, etc.  I am just now building a system and have no speakers, but I see it looks like the 30.8 is ideal for not that many speakers (from what I can see).  Google didn't help much. I live in an apartment, and the room I have isn't ideal for floor speakers, and is perfect for a lower watt amp, I'd rather pay for quality over power I won't use!.  Bass from floor speakers could also be an issue so I'd rather not even entertain that idea.   If 4 ohm and small speaker don't really go together, I will consider the 150.8 instead.  

Many have said "Any 4 ohm speaker", but being able to find a 4ohm book shelf has left me with not much, so far. 

If this isn't really in the cards (small speakers and 4ohm), feel free to be blunt.  Save me time.  :)

So here is what I have found so far.  Any others?  

1.  Harberth Super HL

Thanks everyone in advance.
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WOW.  So as far 4 ohm/ 8 ohm, im not getting "louder" (for this specific set up), presuming the sensitivity is the same.   Or at least I am not doubling my volume like I thought I would be. That explains some of the responses that I didn't understand.But, increasing sensitivity is the key to getting a bit more volume out of a speaker, not dropping to 4 ohm.  Now this is making a lot more sense, I was having a hard time understanding why such an amp would only play nice in class A with so few book shelf speakers. That was extremely helpful.  

I used the calculator, 30w at a sensitivity of 85 is plenty loud for me, as loud as I'd ever really want to go it seems, in my given room.

Looks like I have much less to focus on that I thought, and will restart my speaker search to include 8 ohm.  I knew some used 8 ohm but just figured it was because thats what they had, and said it worked just fine. I presumed they were in A/B mode then.   

Point noted and advice taken.  
Or at least I am not doubling my volume like I thought I would be.

A generally recognized rule of thumb guideline is that achieving a subjective perception of "twice as loud" requires either a 10 db increase in speaker sensitivity or a 10 db increase in the amount of power delivered to the speaker (assuming the speaker can comfortably handle that amount of power). A 10 db increase in power means 10 times as many watts.

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I recommend you take a look at Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 and Sierra 2 EX. Either of these would work great in your apartment and at the listening levels you describe.
I’m running the Buchardt S400’s with a Pass xa30.8 and they sound amazing!  You won’t be disappointed.