4 ohm (or 6) Bookshelf speakers. Pass Labs 30.8

Hi everyone!

I am having a hard time finding book shelf speakers that run in 4 ohm (or 6 maybe?).  Before I seriously consider the Pass Labs 30.8, I need to at least know what kind of speakers to listen to, price them out, etc.  I am just now building a system and have no speakers, but I see it looks like the 30.8 is ideal for not that many speakers (from what I can see).  Google didn't help much. I live in an apartment, and the room I have isn't ideal for floor speakers, and is perfect for a lower watt amp, I'd rather pay for quality over power I won't use!.  Bass from floor speakers could also be an issue so I'd rather not even entertain that idea.   If 4 ohm and small speaker don't really go together, I will consider the 150.8 instead.  

Many have said "Any 4 ohm speaker", but being able to find a 4ohm book shelf has left me with not much, so far. 

If this isn't really in the cards (small speakers and 4ohm), feel free to be blunt.  Save me time.  :)

So here is what I have found so far.  Any others?  

1.  Harberth Super HL

Thanks everyone in advance.
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@ostrey93 Those speakers look like good ones, too.  Do you think they might not be up to par with the amp?  I only say this because of the sweeping cost difference between the amp and speaker, and it may not matter that much.  Also, how do the speakers sound at lower volumes?  I know some need to be pushed just a bit to sound good, according to some, and am seeking a speaker that does well at lower volumes  Not any easy task, but some speakers do it better than others.  Bass is not that critical, bass presence is, but full sound at lower volumes is what I am really seeking.  Thanks!   
@razorbraun Thanks!  That speaker is now on my short list.  How do they sound at lower volumes?  The limited reviews I came across noted that to sound full they had to be "pushed" a little, or turned up.  I'm seeking speakers for low to moderate listing volumes, and if this is true, the 400's may not be right for me.  I want this speaker to be right for me though, and might just try it!  Thanks!
@stereo5   Yea, I hear ya there!  I am doing my best to be realistic with the right speaker, trust me.  I may go up to $2500 new/used.  That's pretty significant, but so is the amp.  Due to cost, the purchasing will be over a time frame, and reflect goods sold from my home.  :)  Most importantly I just want speakers that, at a minimum, will remain in the amps Class A range to my common listening levels and not switch over to A/B all the time, eliminating the heart of the amp, sort to speak.  I have read, however, this speaker, the s400, doesn't perform well at lower volumes and needs moderate volume to sound full.  Could still try it, but if the two reviewers that stated that are right, it's not for me.  Will seek more insight from owners.  Thanks for your input!
I'm selling my Selah Tempestas. They are 6ohm. Yo can see them in my burial systems.
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@georgehifi   Agreed, that is what I am shooting for.  Just, not a boat load of 4/6 ohm shelf speakers out there, but they are out there, and increasingly enough it seems I have enough options to consider this amp as something for me (where as before I was concerned there just wasn't a selection of 4 ohm speakers in the shelf form).  Do you think very sensitive speaker, say 95 or higher @8ohm, would be just as good or better than a speakers sensitivity at 85 with 4 ohm?  Do you have a preference?  Just curious, seems like both methods might get the same result, just different ways.  Thanks!