4 ohm (or 6) Bookshelf speakers. Pass Labs 30.8

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I am having a hard time finding book shelf speakers that run in 4 ohm (or 6 maybe?).  Before I seriously consider the Pass Labs 30.8, I need to at least know what kind of speakers to listen to, price them out, etc.  I am just now building a system and have no speakers, but I see it looks like the 30.8 is ideal for not that many speakers (from what I can see).  Google didn't help much. I live in an apartment, and the room I have isn't ideal for floor speakers, and is perfect for a lower watt amp, I'd rather pay for quality over power I won't use!.  Bass from floor speakers could also be an issue so I'd rather not even entertain that idea.   If 4 ohm and small speaker don't really go together, I will consider the 150.8 instead.  

Many have said "Any 4 ohm speaker", but being able to find a 4ohm book shelf has left me with not much, so far. 

If this isn't really in the cards (small speakers and 4ohm), feel free to be blunt.  Save me time.  :)

So here is what I have found so far.  Any others?  

1.  Harberth Super HL

Thanks everyone in advance.
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Stereophile measured the 30,5 at 130 at 8 ohms and 195 wpc at 4 ohms and the .8 should be the same or similar so no lack of power reserves. The listed specs are for Class A only at .01 THD
Buchardt S-400 and you can try it for 30 days and they pay the shipping both ways. Surprisingly good speakers for the money  Also that Pass amp is a lot more powerful than it's spec's suggest. In reality it will put out well over 100 wpc.

It stays in class A at it's published rating.  Somewhere above those ratings it goes into A/B and continues to 130 and 195 wpc at 1% distortion.  Best thing you can do short of actually testing the amp with speakers is to read all the reviews of the 30.5 and 30.8 and see what speakers that used with them.  Unless your listening room is cavernous and you intend on playing to concert levels then the 30.8 will push most any bookshelf speaker you find to "reasonable" levels.  
I've never owned a Pass amp but have a couple of friends that have owned many of their models and they both think that the 30.5 and 30.8 are the best all around sounding amps in the line if their power works for you.  One of the reasons I recommended the Buchardt is that you can listen in your home for 30 days and they pay the shipping both ways and refund your money if you don't care for them or they don't work for you.  I am keeping mine.  Another model to look at is the Reynaud Bliss Jubilee and you can call Bob Neill at Amherst Audio and talk to him about it as he has personally owned Harbeth's, Spendors and Audio Note's in addition to the Reynaud's. Both speakers will work well with the Pass and are extremely musical.