4 ohm Load for Denon AVR-3600 Receiver?

I've done a few searches, but evidently haven't been using the correct search criteria.

My question relates to not really understanding the Denon AVR-3600 manual in regards to ohm load it can handle .... or what can realistically be done. The 3600 is of late 90's vintage, but is a 47 pound machine with 110 wpc into 2 channel and 90 wpc into 5.1 surround. It's a pretty beefy receiver.

Can I run 4 ohm speakers with this receiver? If the mains are 4 ohm, is it more difficult if I then add a 4 ohm center channel? Or does it make a difference? The speakers would probably be of 91 or so sensitivity, so not bad. As well, a sub would be run for HT and stereo, if that would make any difference.

Thanks for the help.
You should have no problems, try it. The worst that can happen is that the receiver overheats and goes to thermal protection i.e. shuts down.
Go for it and let us know.

Good Luck
I don't think you'll have a problem, even though any time you drop the impedance (4ohm), wattage is increased, causing the amp to run a little hotter, thus showing the difficult load the amp is handling.Your receiver is a very good product with a lot of bang for the buck. It probably has a cooling fan in back, but still, make sure you keep it well ventalated.
Do you still have this? I really need a manual,or should I say a copy. Will pay for the effort. Thanks. Tim
Check this out:
AVR3600 Manual
i still have a older dennon 3801 that i use in my shop. had trouble pushing aerial 7b's with it a couple years back. sent my krell s300i in for service so i dragged the 3801 in from my shop to use in the mean time. it was fine until things got loud....then it would shut down. the 7b's were rated at 6 ohms i believe, but understand they can dip down close to 3 ohms. i find them to be VERY power hungry. like other posters have stated...no harm was done. it's still doing a fine job in the shop. if you're not planning on pushing it hard, it should be fine.

give it a shot and see what you think.