4 must have hours of baby boomer music?

We having a big housewarming party in a few weeks. Mostly baby boomers: 40+ Don't want to be messing around all day (4 hour afternoon party) with choosing music and getting crazy. What are the four hours that I should have for this gig? We're talking about 5 or 6 cds. thanks in advance, warren :)
This may be better for late 40's early 50's boomers but, assuming you have access to a multidisc player you can put on random shuffle, for a "fun" mix, I might try:

Beach Boys - Endless Summer (or one of the other compilations)

Rolling Stones - Forty Licks (CD 1)

Diana Ross & the Supremes - (one of the greatest hits compilations)

Forrest Gump Soundtrack - (CD 2) (alternatively the Big Chill soundtrack)

Bee Gees - (one of the greatest hits compilations)

6th disc - Creedence Clearwater - Anthology

Going somewhat younger:
Tom Petty, Police, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, and Michael Jackson greatest hits compilations. (Sixth disc - Blondie?)

Of course, if you have an iPod, you can pull together a much greater mix.

I assume, by the way, that this is a non-audiophile "fun housewarming party rather than an audiophile "critical listening" [and not necessarlily less fun] party.
yes, just some fun listening...not an audiophooish party..
I'm going on 40 and whenever we have friends over the following always work: James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Ray Charles. Have fun.
I grew up with hard core heavy metal but now love the stuff I missed as a teen like:

The Carpendars
Neal Dimmand
The Partrage Family
Gladys Night and the Pips
Mac Davis
Barbra Strisand

No offense Mark, but you couldn't have picked a more disturbing list to my ears. Shudders run down my spine simply thinking of listening to ANY of the "artists" listed. Streisand couldn't carry a tune in a bucket...and let's not even discuss Neil Diamond. Ughhh...

Sorry Palasr,

One time I had a late night party and we ended up playing the this stuff tell late into the night, singing along and playing them over and over. The people at that party some 7 years ago still talk about what a great night that was, laugh....

I listen to Jazz and other audiophile stuff when I want critical listning...

My choices:

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey
Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Step
Eric Clapton - Slow Hand
Santana - Greatest Hits
Eagles - Hotel California
Steeley Dan - Aja
If the music is going to be essentially "background" music, then trot down to your local CD retailer and buy one or two "Golden Oldies" compilations of pop and rock music from the era(s) of choice (60's, 70's, 80's, etc). Rhino Records has done a good job with many of its compilations, and might be a good starting point. A compilation of oldies provides something for everyone, and you can simply put the CD in the player and hit the "Play" button. You can even set your CD player to play in an endless loop...
Sdcampbell made a great suggestion.

Growing up as a teen in the late 70's, I hated disco, but I have to admit whenever I attend parties now in LA with a 40+ crowd, disco gets everyone jumping...along with stuff like Atlantic soul classics. Generally, I think anything that would normally get people up and dancing, regardless of whether they actually do dance, is the best music for parties.
My choices would be : Beatles (67-70)
Jethro Tull (OM)
Elton John (GH)
Pink Floyd (DSM)
Gordan Lightfoot (GH)
David Bowie (ZS)
>>The Carpendars
Neal Dimmand
The Partrage Family
Gladys Night and the Pips
Mac Davis
Barbra Strisand<<

I think the problem here is you are 30 years too late experimenting with drugs.:-)
no babyboomer party would be complete without some dead
All, or maybe most that were suggested have the makings of a great party. I'd expand it further by saying that you can't fail with Motown. If you have, or can borrow a carosel CDP uou can spiral play five of your best cds'. DAve
Hi Stanhifi,

I did all that when I was a teen into heavy metal, The really cool thing about the 70's is that there is more music than at any other time, I just keep finding these niches in the the 70's music that I have yet to enjoy. I am a total 70's person. (sex drugs and rock and roll) or well music, amps and speakers...

I'd go with all Dan and mix up the tracks..
Reeling in the Years......
great suggestions. Some scared me a bit, but many brought back memories. That Rhino compilation cd sounds great. Probably has all the goodies that were mentioned. thanks guys, warren
If you have cable TV most systems have music "stations" with a 60s or 70s niche.
Most of us geezers got weaned on radio (not hearing a whole album at once), so yeah i think the Rhino thing may be a good way to go, (also this way, no one at the party would have to put up w/ a whole album of an artist that they hate). 70's Smash Hits vol. 2 is cool. Spirit in the Sky/ Little Green Bag/ Ride Captain Ride.
PS- I'd try to sneak some Ventures in there.
The best of rick james
Parliament Funkadelic
to name a two
if you are buying cd's just pick your favorite artist.
Most have reissued a "best of..." or "favorites cd" which are ideal for parties. most of which can be obtained on short order from amzon.com. enjoy
- The Byrds
- Bruce Cockburn
- Neil Young
- Joni Mitchell
- Crosby, Stills & Nash
- Anything Boz Scaggs (before Silk Degrees)
- If this is a party where some tend to 'over indulge', throw in some New Riders of the Purple Sage

This might be more of 50+ ..is a 40 year old a baby boomer??
yep. They are just at the cusp. 50+ is the Woodstock generation: the meat and potatoes: Earth Day, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, The Filmore, The Beatles at Shea, Dallas in '63, Disreali Gears, and on and on. If you don't know what I'm talking about? You may be (statistically) a boomer, but not in my book...
That's meat and potatoes..nice list. Heck, play some Buffalo Springfield, Moby Grape, Flying Buritto Bros, The Band, Lou Reed; Sky Saxon (the Seeds), and Blue Cheer.. a lot of great mo-town to choose from too.. Warren, if it gets late and people won't leave, have an Oko Yono CD in reserve..
Little Feat
Lynard Skinard
Joe Cocker
Led Zeplin
Fleetwood Mac
Van Morrison
Meat Loaf
There is a 4 disc Motown box set that covers their beginning up to around 1971.Alot of great stuff on it.
If there age groups between 40 & 50 threr music would be late 60s to mid 70s. You start to listen to music at approx
15 yrs. Play a nice mix or rock & roll ulless you friends are duisco ducks where he village people would be more preferable. ( don't laugh, one of my exs was bonkers over them ) Nothing to heavy and the good stuff, Dire Straits, CSNY, Beatles, Jethro Tull and if you think of me a little T-Bone Walker.
If you want everyone up and dancing:
1] 1st santana album
2] supersessions [ bloomfield,kooper,stills ]
3] ccr
I'd look for those Rhino compilations and set the player on shuffle.

We boomers, as the post-war baby bulge, actually got going with music as early as the late 50's early 60's.

For this 52 YO boomer (and BTW, I started really grooving to the music via radio at about age 12), the classic MUST HAVES would include:

Beach Boys
Rolling Stones
Four Seasons
Stax Volt (Sam & Dave et al)
Aretha Franklin
Sam Cook
Buffalo Springfield
Jefferson Airplane
Procul Harem
Van Morrison
Sam the Sham & The Parohs
The Turtles
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

and some reggae - Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley etc.

You must include early Steely Dan.

You should also throw in some...

Joni Mitchell
Stevie Wonder
Led Zep
Crosby Still & Nash
Pointer Sisters

...and how about some proggers...

Jethro Tull

...although I generally prefer glam & funk for parties...

David Bowie
Peter Gabriel
Roxy Music
Mott The Hoople
T Rex
Lou Reed
Elton John (no Benny & The Jets!! NO!!!)

I'm not keen on metal but ya gotta rock 'n roll...

Deep Purple
Blue Oyster Cult
Bad Company

...or you could really mess with their minds with bitchin' new wave stuff...

New York Dolls
Elvis Costello
Talking Heads
The Clash

(Better avoid the Sex Pistols.)

I suppose you should also throw in some disco...

Donna Summer
Village People (Can you have a party without 'em?)
Bee Gees

Above all, avoid crashing boors and non-entities like Bread and America (I gag whenever I hear Horse with no name - gagging at parties is not good.)

Definitely get the compilations.

God! I'm so old I remember when radio was great!
Maybe you'd better add in some Boston, Early Aerosmith, Queen and Pink Floyd too. I never was a Deadhead but you should have "Truckin'".

And don't forget Layla. Can't have a boomer party without Layla.
Geez Rackon, nothing like stealing the whole catalog! Remind me to have you DJ my next party.

Ok, I'll add a couple. My wife out of the blue last weekend came home with Billy Idol's greatest hits. My first thought was, what the hell...this stuff sucks. However, we had some friends over, she puts it on, cranks it up, and we had a blast. Fortunately, we are the first home owners on a new street.

At some of the bars where my pool team plays, there are these CD's of road music where the cover is some hot chick laying across a harley...we call that "big titty music" and they would probably have some good compilations for your party.

I might also throw on some:

Wilson Picket
Showdown - Robert Cray, Albert Collins & Johnny Copeland
Booker T and the MG's
Los Loney Boys
Stevie Ray
Stones-Sticky Fingers
Widespread Panic
Jack Johnson
Soundtrack from Dusk to Dawn
Zombies Greatest
.....this could go on forever - have a great party!